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World Mafia Madness official rules:


Having more than 1 account is forbidden. If we come to believe you are using more than one account, we will remove your account. We have a strict Zero Tolerance for cheating. Being a Supporter does not make you exempt from the rules in any way, or qualify you for special treatment. All accounts caught cheating will suffer the same punishment, regardless of whether you are a supporter or not. You have been warned.

You are responsible for the security of your password and username. Do not under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES give out your username and/or password. Do not use the same username and password combinations of any other site that you use or play on. We run a clean game, however, unfortunately there are a lot of games out there that arent, and many have used peoples details to get into their accounts on other games!

This is for your own safety, we will not replace any credits used if someone else gains access to your account through you giving your details to someone else or using same passwords as on other sites. We use the highest available security on our sever, and expect you to maintain the safety of your username and password.

The use of any program or glitch to gain an advantage over others in the game is NOT ALLOWED. This includes plug-ins, auto refresh/load and auto clickers. If you are found to be using or taking advantage of any of these, or any glitch in game your account may be banned. Please report any glitch that you find in game to admin immediately, if you are found to be abusing a glitch without reporting it, your account may be banned! This rule also includes using two different pcs at the same time, with the one account. Do not log into the one account on two different pcs at the same time!

Please do not post or send links to any other sites on our game. This includes links to sites that have other game sites on it. We are really strict on this, and if we see you sending links or posting links in game your account will be banned. Sending players your msn or any other IM with the intent of asking them to sign up for another game, will be considered spamming. You WILL BE banned if you break this rule.

Do not send links that can affect an account or computer to players within the game. Do not threaten that you are a hacker or will hack the game. Doing so will cause your account to be banned. *Please be advised, WorldMafiaMadness will not be held responsible or make any corrections for any URLs or outside programs sent to you within the game (or outside the game) that may have affects on your account. If you receive a link to a website in game we strongly urge against you pasting it into your browser.

This is a game, and we are all here to have fun. Whilst we understand that it is a Mafia game, and some trash talk is to be expected, we ask that you do not step over the line and take it too far. It is against the rules to send or post any messages that are racist, religion, or sexist, and it is against the rules to send or post messages that include real life threats or mentions. Lets keep everybodys mothers, sisters, grandmothers out of this game! Abuse of this rule may result in you losing posting privileges or being banned completely from the game. Please note, this rule covers ingame messages, message boards, family and business boards and poker tables!

You may not make wild accusations of cheating, or multis. If you suspect someone of such report it to an admin and it will be taken care of if action needs to be taken.

We all know lots of colorful words. Please try to keep your swearing to a minimum both in messages and on the message boards. We understand that occasionally you need to get your point across with a touch of swearing, lets just keep it to a minimum and dont go silly with it. It is against the rules to use any offensive words (whether it be swearing, racist or sexist) words in your family name and your personal mobster name. Please be sensible when choosing your name, if you abuse this rule, you may find Admin changing your name for you (and we cant guarantee that you will like what we change it to!) or in extreme cases your account may be banned. Use common sense on this one people, and if you arent sure if a name is suitable or not, the chances are it?s probably not! This rule also extends to your profile and family medias ? please do not post medias containing excessive nudity or that could be considered overly offensive.


We think it only fair that people who earn their kills the proper way be rewarded for their efforts and as such, we DO NOT allow farming of DUs. By farming, we mean, having someone sell their guns (or switching to glocks or a lower worth gun) so that somebody can kill you off and lose no or very few DUs themselves in doing so. If you are found to be farming DUs, ALL of your kills will be removed, and if caught trying to farm DUs more than once you risk having your account banned. We are serious on this one, and are always checking attack logs to ensure that everyones kills are genuine, so please do not try to abuse this rule. This rule applies to both our normal main rounds and the mini rounds that we hold.

We also will not allow the coordination between players to attack each other or another member of there union or family, with prior knowledge knowing when there building, how there building, and when to attack or not attack. Coordination between attacks on family and union members will not be tolerated by all partys involved.

You MAY NOT boost someone in game. This is kills, cash, any other assets. If transfers are off you cant purposely lose attacks to give cash, and you MAY NOT allow people to hit you for cash willingly.

You may not push down rankings with familys by breaking your family up to fill up ranks and push out other familys. Doing so will result in each member having their networth and kills removed for the round and forfeit your ranking.

The staff of WMM put a lot of time and effort into running this game so that everybody can have fun here. We have a zero tolerance attitude when it comes to abusing any of the Staff. You will be removed from the game immediately for Staff abuse. If you have a problem, please address staff in a civil manner and they will be able to assist you with your problem. If you have a problem with one of the Staff, please get in touch with another Staff member. The same applies to the game, we will not tolerate you bashing the game in anyway on the message boards or in game messages to other players. If you have a problem or concern with the game please contact a staff member. Abuse of this rule will most likely result in an immediate ban from the game.

This game is meant to be fun, so please use your heads when playing. Admin reserve the right to ban anyone for anything they deem to be cheating, unfair play or offensive, threatening etc, so think hard before you comment or take action, chances are if you have to think too hard about it, it probably isnt right!

Most important rule of all of them! The game is meant to be an enjoyable experience for everyone ? that?s why we are all here after all! If you are having any problems or concerns in game please message one of the staff who will be more than happy to help you out!

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